About WyHOMEing Apparel

Where do I begin...I began the slogan WyHOMEing when a friend asked for a sign with "something that says Wyoming and Home" and then it came out of my mouth...WyHOMEing! It's so good to be home! My business started with signs! I used to make barnwood signs from old homesteads. Mainly Wyoming flags, I also used to repurpose furniture...and then my business took a turn. I went back to WyHOMEing...I started to notice that the majority of our beloved Wyoming gear was all made for men...nothing with any sort of fun or fashion for us ladies...so WyHOMEing Apparel came about to make fashion fun for the Wyoming ladies!  You do not need to be from Wyoming to call it home! Wyoming is home for anyone who comes here and falls in love with this beautiful state! It's so good to be home!  Now we have a store front in Sheridan WyHOMEing where my sweet family resides. My husband Reo, my son Avon and my daughter Kenley. 
WyHOMEing is also found all over the state at a variety of vendor events. Our brick and mortar store is found in Sheridan Wyoming on iconic Main St. It is housed in our other business The Paint Post. Plan a trip to Sheridan and come see us!